What is a normal blood pressure?

I know you are probably wondering, what do the numbers on my blood pressure machine mean? Or you may want to buy a MYOBS™ blood pressure machine but do not know what to do with the numbers. 

This is a short and informative article for you. 

What do the numbers on my blood pressure machine mean?

Blood pressure is written in 2 numbers with one on top of the other. The top number is called the systolic and the bottom number is called the diastolic number. 

Example : 120/80

What is a normal blood pressure?

As a rough guide a normal blood pressure is around 120/80.  Blood pressures between 120/80 and 140/90 may be a sign that your are at risk of having high blood pressure. Having a blood pressure consistently over 140/80 should alert you to speak to a health care professional.

Click this link to check your Blood Pressure on on the NHS Website.


Where can I buy a blood pressure machine in the UK?

Buying a blood pressure machine in the UK can be difficult. You can buy one from your local Pharmacy. You can buy one from your local super market. You can also buy a blood pressure online on www.myobs.co.uk.


What should I do if I think I have high blood pressure?

You should speak to your healthcare provider who may be a nurse, doctor, pharmacist or physician associate.


Where can I learn about preventing high blood pressure?

There are lots of helpful and evidence based articles made specifically for patients. You can learn about lowering your blood pressure from any of the trusted websites below. 

NHS - What is Blood Pressure ?

Pating.info - Living with high blood pressure


Stay safe